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The ‘Boomers’ Are Coming is an in-depth study on the situation and bares his findings and conclusions to help America improve its health care system and services.


This book reveals that the coming of the Baby Boomers is unrelentingly fast into a health care system that cannot handle the three million currently needing health care services. Thus, a shift in the paradigm to a Shelf-Health Insurance Funding Trust is inevitable. This cuts illness costs and improves wellness outcomes. Self-Health is defined as each individual accepting responsibility for their own decisions that affect their health care costs. A Funding trust through withholding from employees’ salaries and allowing them to spend the funds on preventive health measures and preservation of their own future health care needs, reduces expenditures for the Greater Good 40% and improves outcomes 100%.


The ‘Boomers’ Are Coming discloses the facts that currently, there are 2.3 million falls per year among the elderly in nursing homes. There will be 80 million per year when the baby boomers come of nursing home age. On the average, baby boomers will have 4 to 5 chronic illnesses by the time they are 65…that equates to 350 million chronic conditions. Seventy-seven million families will be impacted by the disabilities and chronic conditions imposed on them by aging baby boomers. Seventy-seven trillion dollars will be imposed annually on the budgets of State and Federal Governments to care for the aging boomers. The 46 million uninsured will become 100 million as the baby boomers become retirement age and unemployed; and so much more information worth to look into.


On top of these time bombs are the 77 million high expectations. People should think again if 77 million baby boomers are expected to just accept nursing homes and assisted living as they are. They tend to be dependent on others for their approach to health care and generally are not staying healthy; nor are they schooled on preserving their health and do not pay more for poor health. Compounding this, their health care providers are not schooled in detecting cause or in pursuing measurable outcomes.