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Calculate your emotional and mental age. See the Profiles of the 100 oldest people in the world.

If you are emotionally old…the sun is setting on your future. However, you’re never too old to change. Many will just accept unhappiness as happenstance that one must endure, while in waiting for happenstance to change.

This state of affairs can and must be reversed for you to age naturally and happy and healthy, and prosperous. Guess what, it does not happen if your stance is on blaming others or just good ole circumstance. Good luck on making that work.

The cure is, as always, in your head…you either think young or feel old…why not feel young and forget thinkin’ old. Thinking is the essence of life. Think and act young so you are Never Too Old to Live Well. It is Universal Law.

Sounds good but what can I do to get there? GET RID OF THE STRESS USING THIS SELF-HEALTH BOOK!