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The people of the United States of America, take back their sovereignty, and reclaim their right to have a say in the policies and conduct of the government.


The Author offers a third party alternative for those enterprising Americans who pay for the public sector and do not currently have fair representation or input to the system that has caused many fiscal, social, and foreign-relation problems that face this nation of 313 million citizens.


It is not entitlement reform that we need, but rather, government reform. Any tax reform should eliminate taxes on adjusted taxable income and replace it with a flat 5 percent annual capital assessment on individual and corporate net worth.

The new entitlements are eroding the American work ethic and need to be replaced with real, private-sector jobs that create a true return on our gross national product. The American Dream is built on work ethic. “The will to work” in a free market is inherited from their forefathers but sustained by each of them.


While our country is on the verge of bankruptcy Congress and State Legislatures enacted over 40,000 new laws in 2010 costing $250 billion borrowed dollars we don’t have plus $700 billion in stimulus, $1.2 trillion for Obama Care and turned on the Federal Reserve printing presses for another $1 trillion for enforcement, unfunded public service pensions, salary raises for themselves and the bureaucrats.


To make things worse the Federal and State Governments understate their deficits by using the cash basis of accounting. For example the Federal deficit is $123 trillion after factoring in accounts payable and pension debt. These pension systems are extraordinarily diverse in design, investment policy, and governance, and they face substantial challenges as the government-sector workforce ages and governments are asked to take on new and different tasks.


The new entitlements need a major overhaul.   To avoid depriving enterprise of much-needed capital to create jobs, we need to reduce American workers dependency on unemployment benefits, minimum wage, workers compensation, food stamps, welfare, and Obama Care. (Obama Care will use enforcement agencies for collecting taxes, and waste depleted tax revenues treating illness not pursuing wellness).